A Sommeliers delegation from South Korea to the discovery of Roussillon

As part of the partnership between Roussillon Wines and KISA (Korean International Sommelier Association), a 4 Korean Sommeliers delegation has traveled around Roussillon vineyard last March.
This delegation was composed of 2 of the finalists of the 2016 National Best Sommelier of Korea competition and the winner of the Roussillon Special price, launched in 2016. They also enjoy the participation and the advice of the KISA Vice President.
They visited 14 domains in total and got the chance to discover local specialties and gastronomy around Roussillon Wines tastings. They exchanged a lot with wine-growers. It was therefore hard for our friends and sommeliers to leave the region but they came back to South Korea full of good memories!
Roussillon Wines have definitely won news ambassadors!

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