Roussillon Wines Dinner at La Vie en Rose with Korean Sommelier Association

On the 29th of August, Roussillon Wines’ very own Eric Aracil – Deputy-Director of Roussillon Wines Council – organized a free tasting with some of the best wines from Roussillon already present in the South Korean market. A short introduction on Roussillon Wines took place at The Classic 500 during which an 8-course dinner was shared at the reputable La Vie en Rose for over 50 participants.

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It was destined to some of the finest sommeliers that the Korean Sommelier Association (KSA) has to offer. Roussillon Wines accompanied by some of their Korean importers for each of their domains – Avec Wine (for Château Planères), Miracle Wine (Domaine Gauby, Domaine de la Rectorie & Domaine Vial Magnères), and Wine Lover (Château Valmy).

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Eric, along with Roussillon’s Korean importers, demonstrated impeccable professionalism, a deep passion but also the family values of this great wine region. Together they made this event possible by presenting Roussillon’s different wines and their best pairings during the dinner, but also by sharing their stories about the French region, the wines they import as well as their first meeting with Eric Aracil.

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The 8-course meal was prepared with the following Roussillon wines:


  • Domaine Gauby, IGP Côtes Catalanes, Calcinaire, Blanc (white) 2016
  • Château Valmy, Côtes du Roussillon, V de Valmy, Rouge (red) 2014
  • Château Planères, Côtes du Roussillon, Chantail, Rouge (red) 2014

1st &2nd courses :

  • Domaine Gauby, IGP Côtes Catalanes, Vieilles vignes, Blanc (white) 2014

3rd course :

  • Château Valmy , Côtes du Roussillon, Rouge (red) 2014
  • Château Planères, Côtes du Roussillon Les Aspres, Coume d’Ars, Rouge (red)
  • Domaine Gauby, IGP Côtes Catalanes, Vieilles vignes, Rouge (red) 2014

4th course :

  • Domaine La Rectorie, Collioure, Côté Montagne, Rouge (red) 2014
  • Château Planères, Côtes du Roussillon Les Aspres, La Romanie, Rouge (red) 2012
  • Château Valmy, Côtes du Roussillon, Le 1er de Valmy, Rouge (red) 2010

5th course and desert:

  • Domaine Vial Magnères, Banyuls, Al Tragou, Tuilé (tawny) Vins Doux Naturel

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The sommeliers from KSA listened intently throughout the night to the stories and descriptions of the wines they were tasting, but also the marriage experienced between the food and the wine. Fine wine was poured, quality food was served and laughs exchanged throughout the night.

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