Master class in Busan – AvecWine organises a magnificent evening

On the 17th of August, AvecWine, the Korean partner f2or Chateau Planères, asked Eric Aracil to intervene with a MasterClass in Busan’s famous Haewoondae Grand Hotel. AvecWine is extremely well implanted in this coastal city, with a loyal and very friendly group of customers. As such, Mr. Taeho Choi asked Eric Aracil to perform a master class on Roussillon and wines from the region for a select group of people, followed by a delicious dinner.

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Eric performed his master class to a select crowd of 20 people, followed by a tasting and a dinner. The theme of this dinner was to present two distinct terroirs: Les Aspres & Maury.


From Les Aspres, Eric Aracil presented three wines imported by AvecWine: Côtes du Roussillon Chantail, Côtes du Roussillon Coume D’Ars, and La Romanie, all three wines from Chateau Planères.


AvecWine, who recently attended a trip to Roussillon in June, also asked Eric to present another terroir for his guests and the export manager and deputy director of the Roussillon Wines Council chose Maury, presenting both dry and sweet wines. The wines that were chosen were: IGP Côtes Catalanes, Nature de Schistes Grenache Gris from Les Vignerons de Maury (dry), AOP Maury from Domaine Pouderoux, and AOP Maury, 20 Ans Hors D’Age from Mas Amiel (sweet).


The end of the master class ended with both a further appreciation of Les Aspres, and a discovery of Maury. As a token of their participation of the master class Eric Aracil presented the participants with a signed certificate recognizing that each guest took part in an educative experience on Roussillon and as a token of friendship a tie kit baring the signature of the Roussillon Wines Council.

We will see you next year in Busan, for yet another successful event organized by both AvecWine and Roussillon Wines Council.