The 2021 edition of “Vins en Têt” ended with a beautiful summer evening in Roussillon!


Like the three previous editions, “Vins en Têt” 2021 saw a very good turnout. Many wine lovers have come to stroll, equipped with their collector’s glass, on the banks of the Têt in Perpignan to discuss, discover and meet the winegrowers of Roussillon.

The Têt is one of the rivers of the Pyrénées-Orientales that crosses the vineyards of Roussillon. The Têt valley is classified as “a country of art and history”. North of the Têt, the terroirs of Maury, Rivesaltes… between limestone, granite and schist; South of the Têt, the Aspres terroir, made up of large quantities of mixed pebbles and yellow or red sandy clays, form excellent supports for quality vineyards .