Roussillon awarded again at this year’s Muscat du Monde !

Roussillon awarded again at this year’s Muscat du Monde !

This year again, Roussillon is at the forefront of muscat wines. Muscat is one of the most planted and ancient white grape varieties in Roussillon. Both of its strands – muscat of Alexandria & small grape muscat – make iconic dry and sweet wines. 

Here are the main characteristics of wines created from this little white grape and its bigger brother:

Muscat à petits-grains (Small grape Muscat): this varietal has been grown in Roussillon since antiquity. Its fresh and complex aroma carries notes of citrus, exotic fruit and delicately musky spices to create a vivacious, rich and smooth wine. It is made into Dry Wines as well as Fortified Sweet Wines (Vins Doux Naturels).

Muscat d’Alexandrie (of Alexandria): a large, firm-skinned, particularly fragrant grape. The ideal complement to Small Grape Muscat, this varietal contributes elegance and power. It is characterised by minty, floral notes and white and yellow flesh. It is used to make Dry Wines, as well as Fortified Sweet Wines (Vins Doux Naturels).

This year again, Roussillon has proven its expertise and long tradition of muscat wine-making at this years’ Muscat du Monde. 

Following, the list of muscat wines that were awarded at the year’s International Muscat du Monde 2019:

  • Gold: Scv Terrats  – Muscat De Rivesaltes, Terrassous – 2018
  • Silver: Vignobles Dom Brial – Muscat De Rivesaltes, Château les Pins – 1997
  • Silver: Cave Arnaud De Villeneuve – Muscat De Rivesaltes, Muscat de Rivesaltes Tradition – 2018
  • Silver: Château Cap de Fouste – Muscat De Rivesaltes, Château Cap de Fouste – 2011

Congratulations to SCV Terrats, Vignobles Dom Brial, Cave Arnaud de Villeneuve and Chateau Cap de Fouste for representing Roussillon’s iconic muscats and for receiving their awards.