Korean Sommelier Association Dinner

On October 28th, 8 wine-makers from Roussillon, along with 4 Korean importers of wines from the French wine region organised a wine dinner at the very trendy TopCloud 52 in Seoul for 20 sommeliers from the Korean Sommelier Association (KSA). The night paired wines from Roussillon with the delicious food of Chef Jang. The 20 sommeliers witnessed first hand the fabulous pairings that Roussillon wines offered, along with the very impressive quality/price ratio that this wine region is famous for.


The list of wineries and importers present were as follows:


  • Château de L’Ou
  • Dom Brial
  • Domaine La Perdix
  • Domaine Singla
  • Maison Cazes
  • Mas Janiel
  • Terrasses de l’Arago
  • Vial Magnères


  • AvecWine (importer of Chateau Planères)
  • Decanter (importer of Dom Brial)
  • Miracle Wines (importer of Vial Magnères, Domaine Gauby, Domaine de La Rectorie)
  • Wine Lover (importer of Château Valmy)

The dinner began with a short presentation of Roussillon – the region, its history, its wines and its traditions – by Eric Aracil, Export Manager and Deputy-Director of the Roussillon Wines Council and followed by each winemaker and importer presenting their wines and their views on Roussillon. 



Throughout the dinner, Eric Aracil intervened on possible pairings and the specificities of each wine tasted. Each guest expressed their great impression of the wines, astonishment on the pairing potential of each wine, the quality of the food, and the general positive atmosphere of the evening.


The night was undeniably a great success and marked a strong beginning to the Roussillon producers’ trip to Korea, followed by their participation in TastyWines Roadshow and importer events which followed for Dom Brial, Maison Cazes and Vial Magnères.